NetGain WarP-Drive
Connecting a NetGain WarP-Drive motor driver

The Lithiumate Lite BMS is fully compatible with the NetGain WarP-Drive.

Since December 2011, the NetGain WarP-Drive offers a way to reduce the drive step-wise ("valet mode") by raising the voltage on the "Reverse" input (violet).

The Lite uses that same function to warn the driver that the battery is nearly empty.

The "Reverse input" is raised if either the EV is in reverse (by detecting the voltage across the back-up lamp) or if the Lite detects that any cell is too low to provide full power.

As a last resort, should any cell become completely empty, the Lite opens the "Discharge OK-" line, which disconnects the main contactor coil, shutting down the motor and protecting the battery.

The circuit uses a diode; any diode will work, including the commonly available diodes 1N4148 and 1N4001.
If you do not intall a diode, and connect directly, the back-up light will light up when the battery is nearly empty.

Schematic diagram
Wiring diagram


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