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Remote access
We can help you by working directly on your Lithiumate™ BMS
  • Use a Windows PC that has internet connection
  • Connect it to the BMS controller
  • Download and run the Ammyy Remote Access software (*)
    • FireFox:
      • Click on the link above
      • "Save File"
      • Find the AMMYY_Admin.exe file in your downloads folder, or do Ctrl-J to see the download list: Ammy will the the top item
      • Double-click the AMMYY_Admin.exe file to run it
    • Chrome:
      • Click on the link above
      • Note the progress of the download in the tab at the bottom right of the screen
      • When done, click on the tab
      • "Do you want to run this file?"
      • Click "Run"
    • Internet Explorer:
      • Click on the link above
      • "Do you want to run or save this file?"; Click "Run"
    • You will get as many as 3 different dialogs asking you for permission to continue: accept each one
    • The Ammyy window opens
  • Note the ID ("your ID" at the top of the Ammyy window)
  • Press Start
    Ammyy 3

Please, contact us only after you are ready will everything listed above.

  • Contact us by phone or Skype, or, less preferably, by email
  • Tell us your Ammyy ID
  • When prompted by Ammyy, click "Accept"
  • We'll do the rest
  • If we're not talking by phone or Skype, we'll open a Notepad document and use it to do instant messaging with you

(*) Alternatively, if Ammyy does not work: install the TeamViewer remote access software ("For the instant customer: TeamViewer QuickSupport")


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