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BMS master fault codes

Number of flashes of the Status LED
Flashes Fault Cause
2 Charge overcurrent Excessive, prolonged current into the battery
3 Discharge overcurrent Excessive, prolonged current out of the battery
5 Hot temperature A cell is too hot
8 Plug & drive The EV is plugged into the AC power, and the ignition is also on
9 Bank communication fault A bank is not found, or cell boards are reporting bad data
10 BMS test - charger The BMS is not able to turn off the charger
11 BMS test - load The BMS is not able to turn off the load
12 BMS test - regen The BMS is not able to turn off regen
13 BMS test - charger sensor reversed The wires to the charger sensor are swapped
14 BMS test - load sensor reversed The cable mounted, load current sensor is backwards
15 BMS test - no cells No banks connected to the BMS master


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